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The following two student essays display our proofreading (grammar & usage)
 and editing (critical analysis) process that give an overview of our distinctive


1. For the sake of clarity (student friendly), we place red brackets around
    our corrections or suggestions.
2. For each error, we strike through it with a black line. We correct it in red
    and in brackets.
3. For each "needs improvement" we underlline it with a black line. We note
    it or may suggest the improvement in red and in brackets.
4. For suggested conciseness, we underline the word, phrase or sentence to
    be improved upon.
5. Immediately after an error, or "need improvement,"
6. We include an "overall comments" at the end of the essay.

[ An example of our essay refinement  priced at $27.00]
This  essay sample  required mainly editing (sequencing,  precision,  
conciseness, clarity, semantics - in short, critical analysis) with little
emphasis on proofreading (mechanics: grammar, usage, punctuation,
spelling, sentence construction, etc.).

High school student: "I may be using my pen, but I'm not using my mind."
Essay Assignment: Do you agree with this assessment of high school education?
Write a well-crafted essay in support of your position.

Microsoft Office Word Document
Microsoft Office Word Document
Microsoft Office Word Document
 OVERALL COMMENT: Your writing is fairly clear in what you express; but what
you express is somewhat random in trying to make your points. In which case, you
did not address the topic's assignment straight-forwardly; which is: students are not
being educated to understand what they read and write: too much knowledge, yet so
little understanding of that knowledge.

[ An example of our essay refinement  priced at $21]

This essay required mainly proofreading (mechanics:grammar,
usage, punctuation, sentence construction, etc.) with little emphasis
      on editing (sequencing,  precision, conciseness, idea-sense, - in
      short, critical analysis etc.)

Microsoft Office Word Document
Microsoft Office Word Document
Microsoft Office Word Document
Microsoft Office Word Document
OVERALL COMMENT: The development and sense of your theme is fairly good; but, as is evident,
that your grammatical and usage ability is below level, leaves little room for attempting to edit your
essay. However, by making these corrections, this essay should at least earn an average grade.


How do I start my essay? | What exactly is my thesis? | How do I support my thesis? | How do I arrange my ideas ? | How can I tell when I go off-topic? | What research do I need for my essay? | How do I end my essay? How do I know that my essay is interesting, convincing, precise, and concise? Have I missed the point?

Essay Refinement Service will solve these problems.

First Step: Upon receiving the essay, we evaluate whether it will need proofreading
or editing primarily.
Second Step: We email the student our evaluation with the fee to be charged. If the
 student agrees with the evaluation and fee, payment is made to PayPal on this website.
Third Step: We proofread and edit the essay for mechanical analytical issues.
Fourth Step: We email the corrected draft to students with a key explaining the error
Fifth Step:   if students do not understand any of the corrections, they are to contact us
for clarification.
Sixth Step:  [OPTIONAL] Students email their final draft to us; we read it and make a final
brief comment on it, then return it to the student.


1. Our guarantee: 24-48 hours or less turn-around (from the time you email us your first draft for
corrections to the time we email you the corrected version)
2. Professional degreed writing experts
3. We have been educating students in critical-creative thinking through our Studies in Meaning curriculum for two decades.
4. Our service is organized only by e-mail. Other contacts, such as by phone are freely arranged regarding an introductory or informative call by client, and courtesy call by Essay Refinement Service.
5. We do not rewrite students' essays.

NOTE: Email your essay to thepublicbenefit@gmail.com for our
free general evaluation of its needed refinement.
Payment is due after you accept our evaluation and pricing.

[PROOFREADING: grammar and usage / EDITING: analytical and creative reasoning]

1.     Proofreading (primary) + Editing (secondary): = each 6-page or less essay (double-spaced) = $21.00
2.     Editing (primary) + proofreading (secondary): = each 6-page or less essay (double-spaced) = $27.00


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